Me (red beard) with the crew at a friends wedding

My name is Andrew and other than my current day job, I moonlight as a freelance writer for a couple of different websites. I picked up the knack for writing when I was a kid and wrote a biography on Robert E. Lee, then discovered the wonderful world of sports.

After High School, I jumped between a few different jobs, but finally tried my hand at writing for different tech blogs. Eventually, I caught on and have been slowly and steadily moving up the ladder to bigger places.

While writing for a few online publications for the last 10+ years, I finally decided to get my own blog up and running. This is where you’ll find some of my more personal thoughts about various products, likely in the tech space, and maybe with some sports thrown in.

Where you can find me, most of the time

If I’m not writing, chances are that I’m browsing Reddit or finding stuff to read on Twitter. Occasionally, I’ll browse through Instagram but want to start getting more active there.

Where you can find my current work

Android Central


Where I’ve worked before