The desire for a Mult-iPad lifestyle

As I sit here typing on my 12.9-inch iPad Pro, there’s something about the whole iPad experience that continues to elude me. While this iPad is FANTASTIC to work on, and the Magic Keyboard has improved everything, there’s still something missing.

Another iPad

What’s the problem?

Over the last few weeks, I have had a ping-pong game going on as to whether I should be using the 11-inch iPad Pro instead of the 12.9 monster. And when it comes to getting work done, that answer is a resounding no. But it’s those times where I want to sit on the couch and just review my week, check out my RSS feeds, or just mess around with it that have made me realize that the 12.9 version just isn’t suited for that.

Sure, it’s easier than ever to just grab my iPad and sit on the couch. However, trying to maneuver and position the iPad on my lap or in my hands is just an annoying experience.

Obviously, the “Mult-iPad” lifestyle is nothing new, as I’ve heard Myke Hurley and David Sparks speak about it in great detail. Even listening to some recent episodes of Adapt with Viticci and Ryan Christoffel have re-sparked my interest in a smaller iPad. But this wouldn’t really be to “get work done”, but instead would be for couch-time.

Something else that I’ve found myself enjoying comes along with my recent decision to re-download Procreate to the iPad. I saw a few tweets from Charlie Chapman, maker of Dark Noise, who shared a video of how he created the icon for his Launched podcast episodes.

Following his instructions made it really easy and fun to mess around with trying to create some new logos for this site. And it also sparked my mind to create similarly styled icons for Shortcuts that I have not yet created and added to my Home Screen. While the big screen of the 12.9 iPad is great to work and draw on, it still feels too big.

What about the iPad Mini?

Like Federico has stated before, I also have put the iPad Mini in my Apple Cart more times than I care to admit, and it currently sits there as this is written. But also like Federico, I cannot pull the trigger on an iPad Mini because of the design alone. I want ultra-slim bezels, Face ID, and the beautiful “boxy” design that is found with the iPad Pro line.

So do I try and spring for an 11-inch iPad Pro? Probably, but there’s no need to try and buy a brand-new one. And I won’t feel the need to get any accessories other than a Smart Folio, since the 12.9 will handle all of the heavy lifting.

Having something like the 11-inch iPad would be perfect to sit back, read through my Twitter and RSS feeds and chill. Will Apple update the iPad Mini with a new design? Maybe. Will Apple unveil the update before I get another iPad? Probably not.


Sticking to a single Task Manager for 30 days (featuring Things 3)

I have had a “thing” with using task managers for years, even when I didn’t need anything more than a basic list of tasks. As I’ve become busier, and picked up more commitments, using an actual task manager has come in extremely handy. And it’s slowly become my brain dump.

While I still have David Allen’s GTD book still on my “to-do” list, I have not actually listened to it. Instead, for years I’ve been listening to various Apple-centric productivity podcasts like Focused, Automators, Cortex, and of course, Back to Work(with the amazing Merlin Mann), along with many others that I can’t think of off the top at the moment.

The problem

Nonetheless, the idea of keeping all of my projects neatly organized helps when I’m ready to sit down and get some work done. The problem comes in with the fact that there are so many solid choices available.

Another problem is that I end up getting bored with using the same task manager for days on end. So I switch to something else for a day or two, and then onto something else, and the cycle never ends. A couple weeks ago, this is how my process went:

Things > Todoist > Asana > Things > GoodTask > Reminders > OmniFocus > Things

The Test

That was all within the span of just two or three days, and I just ended up getting frustrated with myself. After a recent conversation with Jeff Perry, he suggested that we stick using just Things 3 for the next 30 days.

This came on the heels of Chris Lawley’s video for how he handles Task Management with Things 3, Drafts, and AirTable. So since then (Apr. 21st), I’ve just been using Things. One “issue” that has decided to rear its head is that a new project has come my way for freelancing that requires a comparison of a couple of to-do apps.

Trying to figure out how to use Things 3 with Android

It’s not that I actually want to switch to those apps. But it’s that I’m currently in the process of trying to figure out how to actually manage my tasks with Things from an Android phone. One method that I have thought of is the email shortcut to send a task to the Things 3 inbox from my email client (Spark Mail).

Another has been to put the tasks in Simplenote, and then manage them when I jump on my Mac or iPad. For the time being, I have entered all of my current tasks and projects into Todoist, but am still managing them through Things.

Why can’t I just do the comparison from my iPhone directly? That’s because it’s for an Android site that I’m currently freelancing for. So it’s time to dust off the ole’ Pixel 4 and put these Android apps through the ringer.

I have not settled on a final solution as of yet, but feel like I’m getting a bit closer.

Maybe I’ll flesh out this next bit in a future post, but trying to figure out a method to send text to another place outside of email makes me wish Shortcuts was available on Android. Or at the very least, something similar.