Don’t ever forget to take a minute for yourself

I’m not here to debate politics, or what’s happening in streets and cities across the country. To put it plainly: 2020 sucks. Every month, week, day, hour, there is something else happening that makes me sick to my stomach to see. Except for the SpaceX/Nasa launch over the weekend, which gave me chills to watch.

I have taught myself to tune things out with the help of technology and the privilege to write on the interwebs. But something has been happening over the last few weeks. My social media usage has dramatically dropped. Although my Twitter feed largely consists of those in the tech or sports world, everything that has been happening has taken over.

Earlier today, Daniel Bader for Android Central wrote a piece that helped put something in perspective that I have not been able to put into words myself. Take a minute for yourself. He references standing on a balcony overlooking the Las Vegas skyline, but I have found myself doing the same thing more frequently.

In fact, the image attached as the “header” for this is a picture I took just a few hours ago. It was just a moment where I needed a minute for myself while I was able to take it. Realizing the opportunity, I took the picture, put my phone back in my pocket and just looked out onto the water. It was relaxing, there was no screaming news anchors, no looking at outrageous videos that have been captured, and no hustle bustle of life. Just staring at the scene in front of me and appreciating what the moment was.

This may seem like a bunch of rambling, but if you are given the opportunity, take a minute for yourself. Whenever it presents itself, hold onto it. Then, when the world around you feels as though its crushing you, reflect back on that moment you took as your “safe zone” and find peace. Not everyone will agree, but in my opinion (for what it’s worth) you need to keep your sanity however possible.

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